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Lana Del Rey Merch Collection: Channel That Lana Del Rey Vibe

Are you one of those people who feels like Lana’s music just gets you? Then you need Lana Del Rey Merch in your life! We’ve got everything from classic tees with iconic album covers to cozy hoodies and vintage-inspired phone cases. Wearing her merch is basically a shortcut to feeling like you belong in one of her music videos – cool, mysterious, and a little bit nostalgic. Plus, it’s an easy way to spot other Lana fans in the wild!

Show Your Lana Love with Our T-Shirt Collection

A Lana Del Rey tee is way more than just a shirt. It’s a way to wear your love for her music on your sleeve… literally! We’ve got classic designs with those iconic album covers, like the one for “Born to Die” or “Norman F**kin’ Rockwell!” Love a particular song lyric that speaks to you? We’ve got tees with some of Lana’s most unforgettable lines printed on them. Feeling a vintage vibe? There are tees with Lana-inspired graphics that look straight out of old Hollywood. They’re all made from high-quality materials, so they’ll last wash after wash, and they’re the perfect way to show anyone else who loves Lana that you’re part of the same fan club.

Cozy Up In Lana Del Rey Style With Hoodies

There’s nothing better than slipping on a cozy Lana Del Rey hoodie when you need to tune out the world for a bit. Perfect for those rainy Sunday mornings spent revisiting your favorite album, or late nights when you need to disappear into one of her music videos. We’ve got classic designs with iconic album art, faded vintage graphics that capture that signature melancholy, even hoodies with her most unforgettable lyrics. Think about which Lana era sums up your mood, and there’s probably a hoodie that matches. It’s the perfect way to channel those Lana vibes and instantly let other fans know you got her.

Have Lana With You All The Time With Our Phone Cases

Your phone is practically glued to your hand, so why not make it a little more Lana? We’ve got tons of phone cases with designs inspired by all her different eras. Love that classic “Born to Die” album cover, or the moody colors from “Ultraviolence”? There’s a case for you. More of the vintage Hollywood vibes of “Norman F**kin’ Rockwell”? We’ve got that too! Think about which Lana era sums up your mood, and there’s probably a phone case that matches. Plus, these cases actually protect your phone from getting all scratched up! It’s the perfect way to show off your love for Lana subtly, and it’s an instant conversation starter with other fans you meet.

Transform Your Room with a Lana Del Rey Poster

If you love Lana’s whole vintage cinematic vibe, you definitely need a poster. Think faded colors, old Hollywood photos, and maybe even designs inspired by her album covers. It’s the perfect way to bring that same feeling her music gives you into your room. Hang one on your wall, and it’ll instantly give your space those Lana vibes – dreamy, a little bit nostalgic, and totally cool. Perfect for those late-night listening sessions or anytime you want to pretend you’re walking down the beach with her in “Video Games,” or lounging by the pool in “Blue Jeans”.
There are many different Lana Del Rey posters out there, so you can find one that matches your favorite album or era. Love the born-to-die Hollywood glamour? There are posters that perfectly capture that. More into the ethereal vibes of “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”? You can find trippy, psychedelic graphics inspired by her music videos. No matter which Lana era you love most, there’s a poster out there to match your mood.

Get Comfy in Lana Del Rey Style With Sweatshirts

There’s nothing better than slipping into a soft sweatshirt and disappearing into your favorite Lana Del Rey album. Perfect for those chilly summer nights on the porch, crisp fall days spent revisiting her discography, or really any time you need to relax and get lost in her music. We’ve got tons of designs to match your Lana mood. Love that iconic “Born to Die” album cover? Want something a little more psychedelic to match the “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” vibe? Maybe you want a sweatshirt with your favorite Lana lyric as a subtle nod for other fans. No matter which version of Lana speaks to you, we’ve got you covered.

Show Your Lana Love with Our Tote Bags

A Lana Del Rey tote isn’t just a bag, it’s a way to carry that Lana feeling with you everywhere you go! They’re the perfect blend of practical and stylish – sturdy enough to carry your stuff, but cool enough to show off your love for her music. We’ve got classic designs with her iconic album art, like the one for “Born to Die” or “Norman F**kin’ Rockwell!” Love a particular song lyric? There are totes with some of Lana’s most unforgettable lines printed on them. Or maybe you’re feeling a vintage vibe? There are totes with faded, old Hollywood-inspired graphics that perfectly capture that Lana aesthetic. Perfect for the beach, the coffee shop, wherever you go when you need a little Lana in your day.

Get That Lana Look with Our Lipsticks

A Lana Del Rey lipstick is more than just makeup – it’s a way to channel that iconic old Hollywood glamour she’s known for. Think of those perfectly red lips on the “Born to Die” album cover, or the softer pink she wears in some of her videos. We’ve got lipsticks in all those classic Lana shades, so you can create your own version of her signature look. Want a bold red for a night out? We’ve got it. More into a subtle nude for everyday wear? Check out the muted pinks and browns inspired by her more understated looks. No matter what your style is, there’s a Lana lipstick for you!

If Lana’s Your Vibe, You Need This Merch

You know those people who just get Lana? Who feel like her music isn’t just something they listen to, but something that lives inside them? That’s who our merch is for. We’re those people, too. We love those iconic album covers, those nostalgic lyrics, her whole classic Hollywood-meets-modern-melancholy vibe. Our stuff isn’t generic – it’s about connecting with the mood her music creates. So if that’s you…you’ll love it. Shop now!

What kind of merchandise is available for Lana Del Rey?

  • Clothing items like hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tanks, and crop tops with Lana Del Rey album artwork, lyrics, and portraits
  • Accessories such as phone cases, tapestries, wall art, jewelry (necklaces, lighters, pill cases), towels, and jackets inspired by Lana’s aesthetic
  • Limited edition music formats like vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes of Lana’s albums
  • Home goods like towels and lighters
  • Some of the most popular and best-selling Lana Del Rey merchandise includes necklaces, t-shirts, hoodies, and personalized items like birthday cards and custom name necklaces.