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Privacy Policy

Lana Del Rey Merch Store: Our Oath of Privacy


Just as Lana Del Rey’s music transports you to a world of ethereal beauty, our Lana Del Rey Merch Store invites you into a space where your privacy is not just respected; it’s celebrated.

The Symphony of Data Collection

Much like a song is composed of notes, our website gathers various pieces of information. This includes personal details you share during purchases and your interaction melodies with our website. Each datum we gather is a fragment of your narrative, attentively heard and respected by us.

Consent: Your Agreement

Engaging with our website is akin to playing a Lana Del Rey record. By doing so, you harmonize with our Privacy Policy’s rhythm.

Cookies: The Unsung Verses

Our website uses cookies, akin to the subtle yet impactful background vocals in a track. They enhance your experience, learning your preferences and tastes.

Security: Protecting Your Encore

Your personal information is our backstage pass, kept safe under lock and key. While we employ the best security measures, remember, the digital world, like vinyl, can sometimes have its scratches.

Exploring New Tracks: External Links

Occasionally, our site may include links to other stages. These external sites dance to their own tunes, and we advise you to understand their privacy lyrics.

Privacy Policy Revisions: The Remixes

As time evolves and new albums are released, so too may this policy change. We’ll keep you updated on these remixes, ensuring you’re always in tune with our practices.

Encore: Contact Us

If you have questions or need to discuss the lyrics of our policy, our contact stage is always open. Reach out, and let’s create a dialogue.