Lana Del Rey Poster is your ticket to bring that magic into your space. More than simply décor, it’s those iconic record covers, heartfelt lyrics, and a constant reminder that there are other people out there who also like her. They also look perfect.

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Showing 1–16 of 30 results

Lana Del Rey Poster: “Summertime Sadness” to “Lust for Life” on Your Walls

Her music is magic. That perfect blend of old-school romance, California dreams, and a hint of something…more. Her songs are like little worlds you can step into, full of heartbreak, beauty, and that feeling that gets you. 

Why Our Lana Del Rey Posters Are the Best

  1. Your poster won’t fade – and neither will your Lana love

We know those classic album covers or those photos of Lana are important to you. That’s why we use good quality inks so the colors stay bright, no matter how much sun your room gets.
  1. Posters that feel as good as they look

We know posters shouldn’t feel cheap! That’s why we use thicker paper so they don’t tear the second you hang them up. They feel substantial and look way more impressive than they cost.
  1. Find your Lana mood

Are you a vintage Hollywood romantic, a California dreamer, or maybe you’re drawn to the darker, more mysterious side of Lana’s lyrics? We’ve got something for every Lana fan—classic album covers, old-school photos, and even posters with lyrics that hit you right in the feels.
  1. Make your room you

Whether you want a big, bold Lana poster as the main attraction or something smaller that blends perfectly with your other stuff, we’ve got you covered. Your space should feel uniquely your own, right?
  1. Because it’s more than just a poster

It’s about that feeling you get when you blast her songs. It’s about finding your people, those other fans who feel just as deeply about Lana’s music as you do. A poster lets you carry a little of that with you all the time.

Finding the Perfect Lana Del Rey Poster for Your Room

Picking out a Lana Del Rey poster is a fun way to make your room totally yours. Think of it as a way to show the world (or anyone who enters your room) that Lana’s your girl! Here’s how to find the best one:
  1. What’s Your Lana Vibe?

Every Lana fan has their favorite era. Is it the old Hollywood glamour of her early albums? The California dreamer feel? Or are you drawn to the darker, melancholic beauty of her lyrics? Figure out your Lana mood and pick a poster that fits.
  1. Words or Images?

If there’s a Lana lyric that gets you every time, a lyric poster is perfect. But maybe you just need a vibe. Look for posters with vintage Lana photos, ocean sunsets – images that capture the feeling her songs give you.
  1. Make It Match Your Style

  • Does your room have a certain color scheme? Find a poster that fits in perfectly, or totally clashes and becomes the star of the show.
  • Is your overall style super clean and modern? Or cozy and vintage? Play it up! A Lana poster can either match your room or bring a whole new energy to it.
  • Size definitely matters! Will one giant Lana poster be your main art piece? Or do you want to tuck a smaller poster into the perfect little space?
  1. Don’t Forget the Extras!

  • Framing: A classic black frame works, but try a colored one or even a vintage-looking frame for a unique touch.
  • Hanging: Choose a spot where you’ll see your poster all the time – think about where the light hits it, and put it where it’ll make you smile every time you look at it.

Find your Lana Del Rey Poster: Make Your Room a Lana Sanctuary

If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan, you get it. Her songs have a way of getting inside you – that mix of vintage sadness, California sunsets, and those moments that feel both beautiful and bittersweet. Her music feels special, right? Our posters at Lana Del Rey Merch are all about bringing that specialness home. We’ve got a ton of choices because every Lana fan finds something unique in her songs. Maybe you’re all about those classic photos that feel like a different time, or maybe that one Lana lyric always gets you. Hanging a poster is your way of carving out a space that’s all about your love for her music. Surround yourself with those album covers, those images that feel like Lana in a picture – it’s like bringing a piece of her world into yours.