Now, with the Lana Del Rey Lipstick collection, you can wear a little piece of that magic. These shades aren’t just about looking pretty, they’re about tapping into that classic Lana beauty, that hint of mystery she always carries.

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Lana Del Rey Lipstick Collection: “Cherry Lips & Crystal Skies” and Other Shades of Lana

Lana Del Rey isn’t just a singer; with her voice, she creates this whole dreamy, bittersweet world. That vintage sadness mixed with pure glamour – there’s just nothing else like it. 

Why do these lipsticks sing Lana’s song?

  1. Shades inspired by her sound

These aren’t random colors – they feel like her music. Picture those classic Hollywood reds, soft vintage pinks, even those moodier, darker shades.
  1. Looks good, feels good

We get that you want lipstick that feels as great as it looks. Creamy mattes, satiny shines, glossy finishes…they all give you gorgeous color that lasts without feeling gross.
  1. Beauty with a good heart

Our Lana Del Rey lipsticks are cruelty-free. You can rock that glam knowing no animals were harmed for it.
  1. A little piece of Lana to keep

The packaging alone is gorgeous! Featuring Lana’s photos or bits of her lyrics, these lipsticks become keepsakes for any fan.
  1. More than just makeup

This is about that Lana connection. Every swipe is like stepping into the world of her music, all that sweet, sad glamour.

Your Lana Lipstick Mood Guide

Lana Del Rey’s all about that mix of old-school Hollywood glam and a dreamy, modern edge. Picking the right lipstick isn’t just about the color, it’s about the whole vibe. Here’s how to find your perfect shade for any Lana moment:
  1. Easygoing with a Lana Twist

For those days you want to look cute but still channel that hint of Lana drama, go for those soft satiny shades. Think dusty pink, that warm brownish-red, or the perfect “my lips but better” berry. It’s vintage-inspired without being too much.
  1. Night Out = Classic Red

When it gets dark, it’s time to break out that siren red Lana’s famous for. A true red, deep wine red, or a blue-based ruby…those scream old Hollywood with a rebellious streak. Matte lipstick’s your friend here – it lasts all night and makes a statement.
  1. Throwback Vibes

Feeling those pin-up girl looks, or going to a vintage-themed party? Lana-inspired lipsticks are perfect. Think soft peach, playful coral, even a sassy orange-red…it all captures that mid-century charm she does so well.
  1. Feeling a Bit Moody

Lana knows those sad-beautiful moments. When you’re in a reflective mood, play with deeper, darker shades. Try a plum-colored wine, a super-dark oxblood red, or even a brownish nude for that poetic pout.
  1. A Few Extra Tips:

  • Your skin tone matters: Got warm undertones? You’ll rock those golden reds. Cooler toned? Those blue-based reds are your jam.
  • Attitude is everything: Lana’s got quiet confidence. Own whatever lipstick you choose, wear it with a bit of a smirk and a touch of mystery.
  • Blot, blot, blot! That classic Lana look is crisp and long-lasting.

Lana Del Rey Lipstick Collection: Bold Colors for the Dreamy Soul

Whether you live and breathe Lana Del Rey or just love that vintage-yet-modern vibe, the Lana Del Rey Lipstick Collection is your ticket to a little extra magic. From those sultry reds to the softer, moodier nudes, these colors feel like her music looks – glamorous, a little bit sad, and always beautiful. But remember, the power’s not just lipstick – it’s about how you wear it. Channel your inner Lana with a bit of mystery and that quiet kind of confidence she always has.
And hey, if you’re itching for more Lana in your life, our store – Lana Del Rey Merch – is your place. Think of lipstick as your little gateway drug to her whole world.